Friday, September 3, 2010

Study Trip Cont.

A couple more highlights of my self designed and conducted study trip was a visit to The Globe.

As an English teach I had seen the books, the photos and the websites. It was still fantastic to go through it.

We were a couple weeks early for any performances - but merely sitting on the seats and wandering around the place (on a tour) was very inspiring. Well worth the pounds.

We visited Stratford later in the week (WS's birthplace and resting place), and while that was also very interesting - I found the Globe visit more rewarding - great resources in the shop too.

Another must for any English teacher finding themselves in London - is Hampton Court. It has been touristed up, but for any fan of anything Tudorish, it was a great day. It was amazing to see the scale of the place, and the details presented were very engaging. Highly recommended.