Saturday, May 15, 2010

This Blogging Stuff

Okay - I am writing this primarily because of Twitter. My profile links to this blog, and it is kinda embarrassing that I have not updated it for so long.

So a short update:

1. The drafts for the Australian Curriculum have come out - fun times indeed. Overall I like most of it (except perhaps for all the grammar that will scare many of us).

2. My school has gone 1:1 macbooks for Years 7-12. This is a real learning curve for most. And I am talking about the teachers. If I get time (or the impression anyone actually reads this) I will post about that later.

3. I did a self directed study tour of England and Germany. Every day was an English teacher's paradise. It helps that my wife is also and English teacher. Again a post waiting to happen later.

Okay - back to exam writing and checking my tweets. At least there a post from 2010 now.